When you’re at the top of your game

The pinnacle W Couturier line represents the man who is equal parts accomplished and style-forward. The Atelier man is at the top of his professional game and thus requires a suit that combines the finest fabrics and traditional craftsmanship of the highest order.


W3 lets you be the woman you desire no rules, no restrictions

For every woman smashing the glass ceiling, W3 represents a powerful trio of mind, body and soul. W3 gives a voice to women who don’t conform to convention, are unafraid and bold in their choices. With expert and expressive tailoring, W3 suit sets the girls apart from othe women.


For the man in charge of his own destiny

Moving further up the ladder, W Couturier Maison is designed for the man in the trenches of his career, making strong strides towards senior management level. A Maison line look says game changer and market disruptor while also shaping the man’s legacy in history.


Taking you from ‘freshman’ to ‘man’ in one fell swoop

For the entry level executive fresh out of college who needs a suit for his first job, the W Couturier Collection line takes you from boyhood to manhood. Hip, modern and finely cut, a Collection suit strikes a balance between youthful vibrancy and crisp professionalism. 

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