The Shirt 101 – Masterclass Series

Continuing our Masterclass Series – The Shirt.

The shirts to fold away all other shirts…

A suit doesn’t just happen. A suit isn’t a five- minute decision. A suit isn’t simply an after-thought. A suit comes with a litany of layers to consider.

To begin with, there are so many details to process, it can be a tad overwhelming. Are we doing double cuffs, notch cuffs or cufflinks? What about the length and thickness of the cuffs? Are we adding in a watch to mix or some jewellery? And then of course you have to think of the collar. Size? Loose? Tight? Why do you even need one? Well, all of that and more is explained in our Masterclass series. We walk you through the do’s and don’ts.

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Moving swiftly onto shirt talk – a W Couturier shirt is the shirt of all shirts – or, to be more playful, the shirt to fold away all other shirts.

Using the finest, most reputable material, combined with 80 years of sacred craftsmanship, the W Couturier shirt is as smooth as butter. This is not simply a shirt – it’s couture. We don’t believe in fast fashion. For us, time and love go into our creations, for the purpose of longevity and ingenuity. As we have said before, we don’t believe in simply ‘sizing’ you up. It’s all about getting to know who you are, how you present yourself to the world and where we want to be. We pour all of that detail into the perfect W Couturier suit for you – and you only.

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