Summers and Suits

No longer a juxtaposition

Want to be fashionable and comfortable in Dubai’s Summer? Let’s satiate your cravings for a perfect summer suit for women and men. NEW COLLECTION LAUNCHED!

As a sustainable brand that crafts couture suits, Dubai-based W Couturier launches one collection per year and the year is all about EMERGENCE. Incorporating the after-taste of bitter endings and resilient hope in new beginnings through hints of the reflecting colourful aquatic life, your favourite suit tailor in Dubai has a new campaign catering to all who want to look smart and stylish. The suits in this year’s fashion campaign are designed with sting ray wing lapels, shark fin shoulders, relaxed silhouettes, beautiful array of colours, shades and light prints. Displayed in its 4 Lines- W Collection, W Maison, W Atelier and W3 (women’s collection).

An unchanging support in your life journey, W Couturier explores comfort and fashion that caters to your mood as well as your style aesthetics. Striving for effortless style, this year’s innovative designs address your needs in Dubai:

Inspired by the smooth quick glide of the fishes in water and the floating phenomenon (buoyancy), the new blazers are especially lightweight and naturally drape the client’s silhouette mimicking the weightless movements. This is perfect for the summer that stays all year round. Ranging from linen- silk to woollen fabrics (super 180s cotton for shirts and iridescent silk sheen) or even pure linen suits for men and women, EMERGENCE collection can be worn all year round. Unrestricted by assumptions that coats belong to the cold, this year, W Couturier introduces long coats, double sided trench coats that can be cool to wear in summer, pairing perfectly with a summer suit or any outfits. The collection includes business and casual suits for men and women.

Uniquely catering to both the economic and fashionable monde, the reversible pieces are a go-to that makes everyone happy this year. The blazers and trench coats are crafted with seamless threads, incorporating two looks in one. They can be worn as is or inside out. This bold, casual look on one side, and classic business pattern on the other, makes you ready for every occasion! You can order a custom one with your choice of patterns and colours if you like an understated piece. This is a must-carry piece in your travel bag for its ‘two outfits- one blazer’ appeal.

As the professional environment becomes increasingly casual, this is a perfect staple piece for those who require an occasional blazer or haute mode suit lovers always wanting to staying charmingly dapper with a flip.

Yes, yes, the side slit is not a new invention. Yet, in this case the point of intrigue is that the slits (vent) are in the front and not the back. Is this a new style? Why are we doing this? Well for one, it’s to look elegant at all times. Ever experienced your blazer wrinkle when you put your hands in your pant pockets? This front, side slit smoothens the otherwise distorted silhouette. It allows you to comfortably sit down or put your hand in your pocket while maintaining its original shape. Pair them up with our newly arrived crocodile leather shoe collection and you’ll always be a head turner for your flawless fit.

You have heard of an arm guard, but an under-arm guard protects your shirt. Lets be honest, sweat stains are the bane of summer. The minute you step out of your car or take a two minute unavoidable stride outside it leaves you sweating bullets, but ending up with sweat stains on top of it is mortifying. We may love our summer suit, but not every moment of the day. W Couturier customises each shirt that feels comfortable and you still look dressed to the nines at 2 pm. You don’t need to think twice to remove your jacket and confidently wear a shirt.

Based in Dubai, W Couturier continuously explores the suit structure with its Savile Row experienced tailors and an enthusiastic designer, Murthuza Ali Khan Mohammed. Creating innovative handmade pieces, W Couturier outfits are: Powerful. Playful. Dominant. Visit our atelier in Palace Downtown Hotel next to Dubai Mall. Don these timeless luxuries unrepentantly.

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