Suit Jacket 101 – Masterclass Series

Introducing our Masterclass Series – The Suit Jacket.

It’s not just about sizing you up in the perfect suit jacket. The W Couturier experience goes much deeper than that. As we’ve highlighted throughout our evolution, we have 80 years of sacred craftsmanship under our belts. As invaluable it is to us and what we do, we believe everyone should have access to world-class knowledge.

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Now, we present to you our new Masterclass series – a body of videos dedicated to instilling you with everything you need to know about suits – and then some. Starting with The Suit Jacket 101.

From how to pair your ties with the right shirt collars to funking up your cufflink game to the differences between sports and dinner jackets to knowing authentic versus fake fabrics. It’s all in there. We hope they will serve as your go-to manual throughout your suit journey.

W Couturier - Collection - Hand Stitched Suit jacket Dubai

Womens Suits Dubai Masterclass Series

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