The region’s first couturier specializing in menswear is now open at the Palace Downtown hotel welcoming high-end shoppers residing in the heart of New Dubai. W Couturier opens a new page in business as Murthuza ALI KHAN, the creative director and founder, launches its first atelier in UAE.
W COUTURIER is a marriage of innovation and tradition. Innovative designs and silhouettes are designed for comfort through traditional tailoring techniques crafted by Savile Row-trained artisans. Dubai now has its world-class bespoke tailor as a ‘suits expert’ to service and fulfill the needs of the crème de la crème of Dubai in Downtown.
There’s no need to wait long for bookings in the UK with top tailors of LONDON’s Savile row as Dubai has its handmade bespoke tailor- W Couturier. The brand is backed by 82 years of experience since its launch in 1940 and crafts truly handmade bespoke suits of the highest caliber.


At Palace Downtown, W Couturier showcases its signature super light, impeccably handcrafted wardrobe. This includes business suits and smart casual deconstructed handmade jackets synonymous with Dubai. Craftsmanship for the suits is continuously explored and innovated to create cleaner silhouettes, comfort, and classic elegance.

 W Couturier pioneers in engineering the lightest suits in the world.

We offer smoking jackets for Gala dinner to hand-tied bow ties, designer velvet tuxedos to silk tailcoats, soft shirts, morning suits, and luxury ensembles for annual award nights. W Couturier’s artisans produce the best suits and accessories for men and women of all styles, aesthetics, and generations. 


We also offer handmade shirts. These are also experimented upon to create discernibly stylish apparel while beating the heat of Dubai’s scorching summers. Check out our summer suit designs to read more about our innovative styles and patterns.


W Couturier chooses fabrics for the suit’s exterior and interior from the best of the best mills in Italy. Enjoy Cashmere, Silk merino Tasmanian wool, linen, and a plethora of sophisticated exotic fabrics, for a touch of sheer luxury to its core. Detailed attention is paid to buttons made of authentic mother of pearl, and handwoven silk threads.
The store is open to the public via appointment to provide utmost personal experience to each customer.

Interior of Palace Downtown (Source: Dubai Mall)


W Couturier also displays accessories such as alligator and crocodile leather shoes, belts, bow ties, bespoke cummerbunds, waistcoats and more in the store.

Explore these timeless luxuries in the only couturier in Palace Downtown and splurge on inimitable limited designs for an exclusive experience.

W Couturier – By Appointment Only – See You at The Palace Downtown Hotel

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