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We’re celebrating 80 years of atelier craftsmanship with a fresh new look all round. But before we dive into the details of what we’re doing differently, here’s a little history about us: Whyte Bespoke was founded in 1949 and was initially the arbiter of singular crisp white shirts for discernibly stylish men. Fast forward to 2014, the brand was brought to UAE shores and has since become the gateway for premium suit tailoring.

Happy Birthday to us – W3, Atelier, Maison, Collection!

While the world sets it sights on drones, driverless cars, and the rise of artificial intelligence, the longstanding couturier trade steeped in quality materials, expert craftsmanship and generations-deep family businesses, provide a sense of tradition and a human touch often lost in the modern world. Yet, the brand’s success over the last 80 years has lied in its ability to look both backwards and forwards – and as the next generation steps in, the design evolution (and the new moniker) is as progressive and agenda setting as they come. Welcome to the future, welcome to W Couturier.

As you can tell we’re honouring W Couturier’s prevailing legacy by widening our reach. With our new-found identity, we have launched four new lines charting the breadth of a person’s life in suits, because we believe everyone should have access to luxury wares.

Whether you’re fresh out of college, clinching a CEO title or you’re a woman breaking every glass ceiling, the deft and delicate craft of tailor-made suits should be an experience had by all.

The New Lines

With four new lines at the forefront of our brand, W Couturier has expanded its repertoire of services to meet the needs across a wide demographic, suited to every price point without compromising quality and craftsmanship.

The W Collection is the entry-level category for the young man who needs a suit for his first job, taking him from boyhood to manhood. W Maison is designed for the man in the trenches of his career, making strong strides towards senior management level, whereby the cut and fabrics are of a higher spec. The pinnacle line, W Atelier, represents the man who is equal parts accomplished and style-forward. The W Atelier man is at the top of his professional game and thus requires a suit that combines the finest fabrics and traditional craftsmanship of the highest order. And lastly, an unprecedented service for women in the UAE is brought to the fore via W3 – a suit collection denoting women to the power of three: mind, body and soul. While men’s suits are a standard service offered in the UAE, the offerings for women are far below par, if non existent. W3 takes every aspect of a woman into account – from her form to her world view – to make a suit that is holistically representative of who she is, no matter how outlandish or irreverent. Just like the W3 woman doesn’t conform to convention, neither do we.

Every customer who embarks on a journey with us receives a personalized and customized atelier experience. What begins with a styling consultation wherein a complete assessment of the customer’s wants and needs are discussed at great length, then gets taken to our master tailor who handcrafts the vision into fruition with the utmost care, time and precision.

As part of W Couturier’s growth, a litany of digital content has been added to our repository. As you know, we are a family-owned company which means we are not only personable, we are also committed to our craft. Our new multi-episode Masterclass series covers everything from the importance of lapels to pocket squares to where and when one must wear a blazer vs. a sports jacket. We want to be able to impart insider know-how to our customers, giving you access to a wealth of 101 information as well as the requisite etiquette required for a luxury lifestyle.

Just The Beginning

With that, we hope you will join us on a journey towards an unparalleled experience of rarefied excellence in suit craftsmanship.

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