We’re Complete

And now we’re complete.

There you have it. All four of our new lines have been signed, sealed and delivered to you. To give you a recap: we start off with ‘Collection’ – a suit for a boy to transform into a man; ‘Maison’ comes next – for the man who is stepping up in both his career and life, with a greater sense of purpose and power; ‘Atelier’ speaks directly to the man at the peak of his powers – there’s an air of irreverence, because, why not? He doesn’t owe an explanation to anybody. And finally, we were most excited about launching ‘W3’ – the line made exclusively for women taking into account her mind, body and soul. With all our lines put together, our sartorial story stands strong. It is 80 years of time-honoured craftsmanship, luxury and ethics. Our four lines take you through a journey – we pave a path for you to understand the art of suits, artisanal craftsmanship and above all else, yourselves.

W Couturier - Atelier - Hand Stitched Suits Dubai

W Couturier - W3 - Couture Womens Suits Dubai

W Couturier - Maison - Hand Stitched Suits Dubai

W Couturier - Collection - Hand Stitched Suits Dubai

Atelier Dubai

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