Launching Atelier

The Pinnacle of the W Couturier line – Atelier.

Let’s just say you’ve committed to summiting a mountain – Mt. Kilimanjaro for instance – and you’ve spent months and months training, putting your all into early morning sessions of cardio and weights.

It’s trek time. You start off well, full of enthusiasm and willpower, after all that endurance training. You hit a few bumps on the upward climb but it’s nothing that can’t be managed with a bit of rest and recuperation until you’re in a good way to continue. On the final stretch of the climb, your true strength and skills are put to the ultimate test. You take in all the encouragement along the way, you power through with other climbers, sharing in their joy and perhaps a few mishaps and then it all comes together. After what feels like an eternity, you’re at the top, touching the roof of Africa – you’re basically above the clouds, standing tall in glory and might.

Summiting a mountain is akin to achieving a crowning career. When you’re at the top of the mountain or career, you’re there because you’ve done all the hard work to get there – but that doesn’t mean challenges cease moving forward – you’ve got to keep working and innovating to maintain your level of skills, expertise and position in a ruthless market.

W Couturier - Atelier - Hand Stitched Suits Dubai

That’s where Atelier comes in, W Couturier’s pinnacle line. Designed for the man whose made his mark, at the peak of his life – he’s ‘made it’, distinguished, confident and comfortable conversing with princes to paupers. For the Atelier man, ‘the best’ just doesn’t meet his expectations, he wants personal, contoured, unique and exceptional – everything that can be found in the Atelier line, where no two suits are the same – truly one-of-a-kind creations in his name.

The discerning Atelier man, who has traversed and conquered the adversities of life, is a man who appreciates and expects the very best of life’s luxuries, can maintain it and longs for the exclusive, custom-made and hand-loved creations from W Couturier, after all, we’ve been on this journey with him from Collection, to Maison to the top – Atelier. For this line only, our suits are painstakingly and completely handcrafted and hand stitched – no machines, no technology just 80 years of tradition, techniques and tricks from a nearly lost generation of tailoring. Nothing less than incomparable.

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