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W Maison. The Suit for the Man Taking the Next Step

As you move up the career ladder, things start to change both professionally and personally. This is reflected in our new Maison line, for the man on the move well within his career.

By the time you’ve weathered the storms of your career, you know who you are and where you want to go in your life. You’ve done a lot, experienced a ton, learned about the world, picked up on habits, unlearnt some of them, nurtured others and come out the other side a fully formed person. Now your working your way to that management position you’ve been pining for, or are set to be the successful entrepreneur you’ve always wanted to be. Whatever path you’re forging, a shift in your sartorial style comes with the territory.

When we meet with men who are at this stage in their career, we take into account where they’ve come from and where they’re going – because this helps us determine a balanced and present look that expresses that experience, growth and character they’ve worked so hard to develop.

Perhaps your style has come into its own and you only need us as a sounding board rather than fashion consultants (in case you didn’t know, we are that too – we run the gamut of skills!). After 80 years of experience, we’ve become a guiding hand in selecting fabrics, cuts and styles that suit your frame, skin tone and ascending position in life.

W Couturier Maison

A Maison suit will help clinch that deal you’ve been preparing for, present that campaign you’ve been working on for months and travel the world with self-assured confidence, ease and success. Maison is your go-to both in and out the boardroom. Other men will be inspired by your effervescent charm, your can-do attitude, status and style.

Maison is an exciting collection to work on because it’s where we see a marked shift from the younger collection into the next part of the journey in a man’s life. It’s a tale of growth, experience and hard sought after success, of which we enjoy being a part of in our client’s venture through life.

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